2018 Hairstyles


Winter Hair Care Routine

Hair Romance x Priceline Collaboration Do you have a winter hair care routine? The weather has a huge impact on my curls and it’s important to change your hair care with the seasons. My winter hair care routine is very…


3 Sweet-4. July-Hairstyles

July, 03, 2018 3 Sweet 4. July hairstyles family, fireworks, and, of course, fun, 4. July is just around the corner! If you know me, then you know that this is one of my favorite times of the year. Check out…


HAIR HACK: Dry your hair FASTER? | Fab or Fail

27. June 2018 HAIR HACK: Dry your hair FASTER? | Fab or Fail I can’t say y’all, how many times I’ve the Turbie seen Twist. It’s a micro-fiber towel, that’s actually supposed to help, you will have less blow dry…


3 Cute Mermaid Braids

21. June 2018 3 Cute mermaid braids looking for a hairstyle to beat the summer heat, but still looks super cute? Mermaid braids are perfect! You’re great for date nights, barbecues, and summer vacation. Check out 3 cute mermaid hairstyles!…


3 Favorite Horse Cock

may 22, 2018 3 favorite ponytail the summer is almost here, and what better way to style a summer outfit with a cute ponytail with a twist?! In the summer it gets pretty hot, especially in Texas!!! And for those…

Mod Hairstyles