A quick hairstyle tutorial for messy hair

you Need to fix a hair style your messy hair?

Twist & Pin, bun-hawk tutorial is a style that you can do in any type of hair-curly, wavy, or straight. < p>But to be honest, it works better if your hair is messy, dirty and you’re too late. (This is me most of the time!)

I’ve shown a version of this type of Twist &Pin hairstyle, but it was too neat. I wanted to show a hairstyle that I filmed in real time, in my messy morning hair.

In this tutorial, I haven’t use any additional product. Although, to be fair, my hair a lot of product from the days before, so check out my tips at the end, if you need more volume in your hair.

Click here if you’t see the above video

What you need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Small hair rubber bands (optional)

step by step

  1. you Start by working the way you want to see the front of your hair. To can I like a few pieces on the sides and a little extra volume at the top.
  2. Take a section at the top of the head and smooth the top. Hold the hair in your right hand, twist the ends loosely with the left hand and bend it in a little bun.
  3. weave a bobby pin through the base of the bun to secure it against the head.
  4. you have a number of rolls creating Repeat on the back of the head.
    note: A trick to ensure you have enough hair for the bun at the bottom, creating a U-shape part including. This means that you’re taking more hair from the sides, but they let their hair down at the back.
  5. To the bun you can stretch on the sides before you pin in place.
  6. For additional stability, you can use the extra bobby-pin and you connect to hold the rolls together.

Styling tips for extra volume:

If you’ve got fine hair, or you want a really big bun hawk, here’s what you do:

  • Using the product before you style. This is my third day hair, that’s full of curl styling products and became a braid, so that it doesn’t no additional support. But you might want to try some shampoo or a texture spray for more volume in your hair before you start drying.
  • to keep Before creating the bun, with a small hair elastic each section in place. This allows you to create tighter sections on the page and it makes the bun-hawk larger appearance.
  • Tease each ponytail before twisting it in a bun. I like to use a comb or a backcombing brush. This creates a lot of extra height and texture in the bun-hawk.

What if I don’t want more volume?

  • If you prefer to do a neater finish, exactly the opposite of the above steps.
  • I’d also recommend the use of hairspray to keep any flyaways and tidy any frizz.

for This bun-hawk hairstyle is comfortable to wear all day, and I’ve already got a few compliments when I wore these.

washing is A style that saves me the time of hair my perfect hairstyle. It’s a step up from a regular bread rolls and you can style to match your mood.

I’d love to see this Twist & Pin-style in your hair! Use the hashtag #hair romance on Instagram, so I can see your version of the bun-hawk.

have fun with your hair!

PS. It was filmed at the Little Albion Guest House in Sydney

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