Fringe benefits! The return of the curved Pony trend

now, you’ve probably seen that the bangs / fringe trend is well and truly making a comeback, with a lot of girls, take the leap and make the change to your hair. We have seen so many girls rock this look on Instagram, with the edges perfectly framing their faces and to add amazing texture and depth.  

It’s a-hair-change, which can be quite durable, though, and it may well grow anxiety-inducing for some – especially if your hair doesn’t very fast. 

of Course, we needed to get the low-down on the best way to chop POPs and ensure that they work for you. We asked the lovely Nat Ragusa from Edwards & co., Melbourne, to send us your best tips, you make the best out of a newly cut fringe. 

Tell us, Nat, What are the main reasons that clients come to you, who wants to cut the Pony?

Change! Bangs are definitely a go-to, if a girl wants to do something different with your hair! See bangs to the opinion makers and celebrities, a big push to give it a go! 

How girls know what kind of fringe, which should you get?

I find the Pony to someone else gives you some inspiration on the style you want! They would always be a fringe group that’ll suit your face shape, we all want something that’ll flatter your face and enhance our facial features. 

Always a fringe can seem scary and very durable! What are tips for girls who want to try the trend but are a little nervous to you? 

fringe is a lot of maintenance! You have to have the style you want every morning, when that it is sitting perfectly. I’d suggest to start for girls, with some of the design around the face with shorter strands and move in a long curtain bang, rather than immediately opting for a front the edge! 

Everything that girls steer away from, if ever? What should you definitely do? 

I think to get it’s important only a fringe group, if you’re ready to style! You need to be ready to small fringe trims, in order to ensure that it retains its shape! DO NOT CUT IT YOURSELF!I’ve seen try waaay too many gal pals, this home, and it’s never a good thing!

What are your top fringe styling tips for girls if they already got you. 

I think the right styling tools and products, which are super important. You’ll, a Hairdryer and a round brush suitable for your Pony. This will help to give you that ‘back’ look, for side /curtain-Pony or full-front-fringe! 

All girls products should to tame your fringe and keep it fresh in between washes / salon visits? 

I think the best thing for fringe texture is! No one want your fringe to sit flat on your face! Dry shampoo and texture spray will help you get to the fringes, airy, light and more movement! I love the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampooor Dry thickness Texture Spray for some oomph! 

How girls can deal with growing your fringe out? 

Grow out your fringe can sometimes be difficult, but the key is to not cut it back! Let the hair grow, because it is! I think a nice ‘half to work up half down“ top knot ever! And of course, the good old faithful bobby pin is your best friend! 

you can Nat’s work on Instagram @nat_edwardsandco and book your Melbourne-salon about 

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