How to: update a salon blowdry / blowout

you want to update your salon blowdry at home? Here’s my not so easy and a complete video tutorial, what I really do to style my hair.

It might not seem like it, but I’m pretty lazy with my hair.

I love the feeling of a salon, blowdry, and I want it to the last page. I’m done, wash my hair for as long as possible after getting my hair.

I also have another reason not to wash my hair lately, and that’s because he’s-pink. I’ve been playing around with the shadows and Stevie, it has just the right thing to do.

pastel hair colors are semi-permanent and every time you wash your hair, you’ll fade the color. So, when it comes to the perfect soft pink that I t want to really don’to wash my hair.

lately I’ve had to show some amazing blowdries from Stevie English hair and in the Raw Anthony Nader, and I want you how I restyle my hair so that my hair can be fresh for as long as I have.

How to update a salon blowdry / blowout – Video Tutorials

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My short hair restyle-routine

My restyle routine is basically:

  • step 1: Dry shampoo on my roots
  • step 2: is A treatment for the ends
  • step 3: A quick blowdry the top layer with a round brush

This quick routine update, because the dry shampoo will absorb any additional oils, the kinks of your hair to sit a bit flat, the treatment, which helps on the ends, prevents damage caused by blow drying and use a round brush helps you remove them.

That’s what I see with my above video, but you’ll instead I decided to do a full restyle.

Now, I have t go through it normally wouldn’how many steps, but I knew that I was planning to film a few videos, and I wanted my hair to look good all the way around.

On any normal day, I could do with it, only the, only the top layer of my hair, because no one’s to another one below.

But if I’m doing styles here on mod hairstyles, and you get to see everything, so I needed it to be just about right.

The products which I

BTW I have used: if you’re trying the avoidance of silicone, this silicone free heat protectant.

I hope my tutorial helps with refreshing your blowdry, and to stay that you only have the fast version in her hair.

For the record, I’ve done it, this remodel to last three days, so that’s worth it to me.

would you like to go for a blowdry at the salon? And how long you can keep it looks good in your hair?

Let me know your tricks in the comments.

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