In conversation with: celebrity hair stylist and salon owner, Marie Uva

Marie  is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s most respected, in-demand and high -, hair-stylists and colour ists. 

she is the gal for both local and international celebrities, bloggers, and opinion-makers, if they’re in Melbourne and is always on location for weddings, photo shoots and important events.  

UvaSalon in Melbourne, you have was just called Australian Salon Of the year 2018. (an incredible performance), and Marie is an Ambassador for GHD, and Great hair! 

We were so excited that Marie took some time out of her super busy schedule to chat with us about her journey in the industry. 

Thank you for the time to chat with us, Marie! You tell us what inspired you initially to a hairdresser and see how your career? 

I’ve loved hair since I was a kid! I used to cut and style my Barbie’s hair. 

How did you start your career in the industry? 

Tell us about your journey in the hair world.

at first, I was at the University studying to be a teacher. I delayed, of course, to go abroad and when I came back, I decided it was time to begin my career in the hairdressing industry. I began my professional career with an apprenticeship in a small salon located in Parkville, Melbourne called hair of distinction

At what point do you realize or decide that you wanted to make the jump from a Barber and hairstylist, salon owner? How you will make your dream a reality?

I worked for a long time in the industry before, prior to the opening of my own salon. I have gained a lot of experience and had a large following before I open them UvaSalon in Prahran. It was time to start for me, my own dream. I have business partners who also supported me in establishing UvaSalon

What is the best part of your work? 

I love what I do – I think if you don’t have a passion for hairdressing you just’t do it!

What’s was your career highlight in the hair salon?

Honestly, there’s a lot! Competition in the International Trend Vision, to open my dream salon to see my team be successful and win-the 2018 Australian Salon Of the year – the most prestigious hairdressing award. And, of course, meet some amazing celebrity clients! 

you’re going to the hairstylist in Melbourne for celebrities, events, shoots and weddings! How do you manage it all in as well as the management of the salon fits in, and looking after your customers to UvaSalon? 

It’s hard, but I have a GREAT team that support me to do what I do, and I have a leadership team that supports and manages the salon, while I’find m. 

What parts of your job you are the hardest / most difficult? 

I think the management of my great team – sometimes it can be difficult to keep everyone happy. 

tips for managing / maintaining the work / life balance?

you need to make sure you book your holiday, to delegate, to learn and off when you don’t – I love all the cooking, helps me to relax – my customers love my kitchen posts!! 

What is the best piece of advice you salon have received during their visit to the Barber’s?

I’ve many of the people I care for so far from many people had – you can never stop learning. 

But, trust yourself is one of the best! 

What’s the biggest thing that you learned’ve been during your career?

To believe in yourself, and if you want to get somewhere, you need to put in the hard work. In a people’s world, sometimes it’s hard for women at the top, but you need to be strong. 

How you&rsquo thinking;ve developed as a Barber over the years? What would you tell your younger self now?

I have learned a lot about myself, to learn, you never stop. If you think you know it, you will never grow. 

How do you feel social media is changing the game of hair and has helped it to grow your business? 

Absolutely, previously it was by word of mouth, magazines,… you had to wait months for your work to be published. 

Now, all your work and successes on social media A click and thousands of people see your work. It has definitely helped me! 

As a hairdresser, what are your top tips for the best from Instagram? What advice would you give others who want to share work and promote your business?

Put your BEST works. Use it as a tool to showcase your work. It’s portfolio.

What’s the most common hair question you may receive from your customers, to UvaSalon?

The signature UVA WAVES & UVA-PONY. 

are you often on-site styling for weddings and events. What types are most in demand now?

For weddings – definitely hair down and waved most of the time.  

For me, it depends on the client, what you wear, what is your face shape, etc., I’m never on trends. 

What is the most common hair is struggling, your customers come to you ? 

customers with fine hair, big hair. This is the reason why we have a partnership with good hair, and you can make your own hair extensions for customers. 

What do you think is the biggest mistake clients make with their hair and hair care routine?

of course not with the right hair care products for your hair type! 

what do you think the biggest misconception is to think that people over the barbers?

it’s an average job, that gets you nowhere. 

I have travelled the world, been profiled and meet amazing people everyday as a hairdresser. 

What is your number-1-hair hack?

Use dry shampoo right after a fresh blow-wave for body and durability. 

your go-to drugstore / supermarket hair products (if at all) for the girl on a budget?

Kloraine Dry Shampoo! The original and the best – ask Bec Judd! 

Which hair trend are you loving right now? 

I’m not into trends, but I always love it when a Pony to come back. 

The hair trend you want would disappear & never make a comeback? 

a Drastic balayage – I’m soooooo over it! 

What tips do you have for someone wanting to up their hair game, and improving the health and appearance of your locks?

Find a Pro!

What would we find you doing when you’re to work? 

COOK! I love it!!!! I even started an Instagram page dedicated to my kitchen, check-out @cucinauva!

What’s more for UvaSalon in 2018 and beyond?!

only the title of the AUSTRALIAN SALON OF the YEAR and won – so it’s going to be a great year!!!!! 

Let s block. (Why?)

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