My Favorite Dual-Hairstyles

August 21, 2018

My favorite dual-hairstyles

they say the best things come in two’s. Whether you’re looking for a simple on-the-go hairstyle or something for the first day of school, double hairstyles are mixing a fun way to up your hair routine. Check out my 3 favorite dual-hairstyles. 
Double Dutch Halterneck | Cute girls hairstyles

Double Dutch Halterneck | Cute girls hairstyles

1 – Double Dutch Halterneck:, If you have medium or long hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you. To make it’s fun and super easy. This look is perfect for those days when you have to run a number of errands, or even for picture day at school.

Double Dutch bun | Cute girls hairstylesDouble Dutch bun | Cute girls hairstyles

2 – Double Dutch bun: I’m always asked, “What are some pretty hairstyles for shorter hair?.” Well, this is a great add to your hair repertoire. Work, carpool, and dinner? No problem!!! This can be dressed up or down, so this is perfect for those super busy days.

Double half-Up Bun | Cute girls hairstyles

Double half-Up Bun | Cute girls hairstyles

3 – double-Bun-half-Up time: Always these days, if you hit the snooze button once too often? This look is a great way to turn bed-hair in cute hair. This hairstyle is the perfect way to morning, faster, because it only takes a few minutes to do!

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