Pros and Cons of bob haircut

Bob haircuts are very fashionable at these days. But there are things you need to know before getting bob haircut. So, in this post i will talk about pros and cons of a bob haircut. I hope it helps you.Let’s start with pros of a bob hairstyle

Pros of bob haircut

Fashionable : Bob hairstyles are very trendy and fashionable. There is many celebrities with bob haircut.For example; Taylor Swift and Emma stone. If you want to look like your favourite actresses, you may want to getting a bob haircut. I’m sure that you will look fashionable with your new bob haircut

Low-Maintenance : The bob haircut is very easy to maintenance. I can say that it’s a wash and go haircut. Styling is very easy. You can create stylish look with little styling. If your bob haircut is not layered , there is less to be done.

Comfy : When the weather’s hot, long hairstyle can be hindrance to you. But bob hairstyles keeps you cool and comfy.

Adds volume : Bob haircuts add volume to thin hair. If your hair is thin, you should probably go for short bob hair. Bob haircuts creates fuller look on your hair

Cons of bob haircut

Styling Options of bob haircut : There is not much styling options for short bob haircut. When your hair length is long, it’s okay,There is many different styling options for long hair. But when it comes to short hair, styling options are limited. For example; If you want to wear ponytail , it’s impossible with short bob haircut.

Limited Accesory Options: If you like to use hair accessories, There will be less hair accessory options for bob hair. Your hair accessory options will be limited. So you need to consider this before getting bob haircut.

Bob hairstyle ideas

Are you looking for bob haircut ideas? Did you make your decision? Are you getting bob haircut? If yes, you should see these gorgeous bob hairstyle ideas that i collect. Here are 18 stylish bob hairstyles below! Don’t forget to share.

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