2016 Medium hairstyles and medium length haircut ideas

According to me, medium length hairstyle is very comfy and handy especially for fine hair. You can have many style with medium hairstyle. I think this is the most important advantage of medium hairstyle. That’s why, medium hairstyles will continue to be popular in 2016 season

There are various style and ideas that you can use with medium hairstyle. For example , you may want to try layered or asymmetrical medium haircut. Especially asymmetrical medium haircut is the one of the trends of 2016.

Advantages of medium haircut

There are many advantages of medium haircut. I think the biggest advantage is you have many styling options. You can even have braid and bun hairstyle with medium length hair. Another advantage of the medium hairstyle is that you can have big curls. i’m sure you will be striking with big curls. You don’t need to go to the hairdresser often for your hair care.

If you have long thin hair, you can go for 2016 medium length haircut. You can create healthy and thick hair look with medium hairstyle. Also if you have hair loss problem, I strongly recommend you to cut your hair to medium length

Medium hair maintenance is much easier than the long hair. This is the another important advantage of medium haircut. There are many advantages of medium hairstyle but I don’t want to belabor.So, i’m going to show you latest 2016 medium hairstyles.

2016 Medium Hairstyles

If you haven’t cut your hair yet, but if you’re planning to cut your hair long to medium length. These gorgeous 2016 medium hairstyles are coming for you. But you must be sure that you want it before cut it. Because it is very difficult and takes long time to extend hair. If you have comment or suggestion, don’t forget to comment.Please share these ideas on pinterest! Enjoy.




  1. Jen

    not only is my hair fine, I have a natural curl…I wake up at 430am for work n pull it up EVERY day…I need some style n did the short in the back longer in the front for years but that required styling everyday with flat iron or too much mouse to curl it..I like the easy of blowing drying it in the morning n clipping it up so I don’t want too short or too many layers that I can’t do that BUT I need some style!! It seems without layers n myself trimming the dry ends I do nothing but pull it up everyday now..I have gone to different stylist n feel I don’t explain we’ll enough to get what I want n leave feeling the “what have I done!!” Panic each time n haven’t had real haircut or color(which I need a prof color instead of box) going on 2 years!!! Ur pics n stories on getting there have helped n now I just need to get the balls to try a professional cut, color n highlites again! Thank you so much for that..I will end my rambling on now and again thank u for the advise n hope that I can do this soon to help boost my self confidence!!!

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