Ombre Hairstyles and stylish ombre color ideas

The ombre hairstyle refers to the gradual blending between two colors that usually moves shades & tints from the lighter to the darker tones. The said technique is generally conceived as surface treatment in art and fashion. It was during the initial part of the twenty-first century that the concept grew in popularity for featuring hair coloring, artwork for nail and several other arenas.

About the OMBRE hair styling

To describe the OMBRE hairstyle in simple words, it can be put like a styling that involves the contrasting between lighter and deeper shades. The key of the hairstyle lies with dying activities. The style was conceived during the year of 2007 for the first time and it took the least of the time to secure great popularity, the credit for which goes to the celebrities. However, standing at 2014, the styling had been universal and celebs as well as the fans are equal admirers of the hairstyle.

OMBRE hair color

The point of the OMBRE hair color is an inevitable portion while to discuss the ombre hairstyle. You need to understand that it is a comprehensive idea of coloring and not just a merge another shade. The general aspects of this orientation equally involve the usage of the soft and the bold colors. While there are some ideas wherein single shades are used, still there are options that involve the use of multiple shades. Likewise, there are separate coloring options for all sorts of hair and their natural shades. You require choosing the one that best fits upon your sin tone and the type of your hair.

OMBRE hairstyles that suits the darker hair

The following ideas on OMBRE hairstyle will fit the darker hair

  • Contrast OMBRE

Majorly shades like brown is used to raise this particular form of OMBRE styling wherein, the brown shaded hair blonde hair speaks fashion with tremendous power. These styling fits the best on lighter skin tones. However, even if your sin tone is towards the darker side, you would look good in these styling with minimal adjustments. The styling suits the hairdo like braids as well.

  • Fire OMBRE

The styling is done with usage of the shades of copper and is perceived to be one of the best options in OMBRE hairstyles. Again, this is a coloring that best fits on lighter complexions. You can pair attires shaded in red, orange and yellow with this coloring of the hair.

Techniques for OMBRE hair coloring

To get the OMBRE hairstyle, you need to proceed as follows:

  • Select the design and color

First of all you require selecting the design and color shade for the OMBRE styling. You can either opt for the classic OMBRE that features lighter tips and darer roots or you can go the other way which is the reverse OMBRE. For the shade, you require picking a color that fits with your sin tone and you require choosing 2-shades light color as compared to the original shade of your hair.

  • Decide the extent of fading

The most important step is to decide upon the point of interface for the lighter and darker shades. The safest approach would be to make the colors meet lower down the hair to the extent possible.

  • Apply good brushing

You need to brush your hair for the time till all the tangles disappears.

  • Divide the hair evenly and apply the bleach
  • Let the bleach dry till it sets
  • Rinse off the bleach and dry your hair to start the coloring
  • Divide the hair into sections
  • Apply the color to the hair in the design you like. Ensure that the light and the darker shades meets closest to the tips possible
  • Let the color settle
  • Rinse off the hair and style as usual

SOMBRE hairstyle

The discussion about the OMBRE hairstyle would be incomplete if no lights are thrown on the SOMBRE styling. In simplest of the terms, the SOMBRE is the softer variation of the OMBRE styling and the former is a trendy adjustment of the latter. The SOMBRE styling fits flatteringly for the summer months.

OMBRE and SOMBRE styling – where lies the difference?

The difference between the two can be pointed the best with the mention of the point that the SOMBRE is an update on OMBRE styling that progresses in the reverse sides for the usage of the lighter and darker shades. The OMBRE style progresses as the roots getting shaded in darker colors and it is made to fade as it moves closer to the tips. For SOMBRE style, the roots would be painted in lighter shades that would get deeper as it moves closer to the hair tips.

Ombre Hairstyles

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