6 Tips you should know before you cut your hair

If you’re planning to cutting your hair to short.There are things you need to know before cutting your hair.Here are useful 6 tips that you should know before cut your hair. Let’s start

High or low maintenance : Figure out if you are high maintenance or low maintenance hair grow. With short hair sometimes you can get away with wash and go. But sometimes you have to style it. Low maintenance hairstyle is a very short classic pixie cut. High maintenance hairstyle really depends on your hair texture. Long pixie haircut need little bit more effort to style it.

How short : You need to figure how short you want to haircut to be. If it’s first time you’re going short I advise you, take it slowly. If you want very short hair , you should go for pixie haircut. There is so many variations for short haircut, it doesn’t have to be pixie haircut, it could also be bob haircut.if it’s your first time getting your haircut short, i recommend that start slowly. Just in case for shock factor. You need to figure out which length you’re comfortable with.

Face shape and hair texture : If you have trouble to figure what your hair texture is, You can go to your hairdresser for consultation. They can let you know your hair texture, what kind haircut suit better or won’t suit. They can also let you know your face shape as well. If you already know all that information about your hair and face shape.You can search on google celebrities that have similar haircuts to you.

Cover all angles: When you find a haircut online, try to find as many examples as possible from the right,left,front and back.Because when you choose hairstyle according to one angel, you’re not quite sure what’s going on the other side. When you find hairstyle that you want, you should search this hairstyle on google , it’s so easy to find angles of hairstyle.

Find the right stylist : This is a big deal. I think absolutely almost everybody can suit short hair, you just have to find right hair stylist.

Prepare yourself : When you cut your hair off, you become like new person. So you should prepare yourself for shock factor.

Short hairstyle ideas

It’s time to cut your hair short. Firstly you should choose haircut model for your new hairstyle . Here are gorgeous 20 short hairstyle ideas. I hope you can find a model that suits you!

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very short hair
short hairstyle
blonde short hair
cute short hair for round face
platin short hair
gorgeous short hair
layered short hair
blonde layered short haircut idea
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short hairstyle
short haircut for women
charming very short hair
boyish short hair
short hair
blonde wavy short hair
short hair
layered short hairstyle idea for blonde
short hairstyle

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