Pros and cons of short haircuts

If you’re planning to cutting your hair to short, here are pros and cons of short haircut. You should see these pros and cons of short haircuts before cutting your hair!

Short haircut Pros

  • When you have short hair, you automatically have style. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.  But when you have long hair, you have to style it. You have to spend time for it.
  • When you have short hair, you looks taller than usual . If you have a short neck , you should go for short pixie haircut. It will perfectly suit on you
  • It’s easier to color. You can dye your hair often, Because you will need less processing time and less product.
  • Short haircut looks unique. Because there are a lot of women  with long hair. I don’t wanna say that “long hairstyle is really common”  but if your short hair cutted stylish , you’ll look unique and charming. You will stand out from the crowd!
  • If you have short hair you have options to can wear extensions.But if you have long hair, you don’t really have options of going short.
  • You don’t have to use conditioner and shampoo for your hair. It’s very easy to style. Wash and go.

Short haircut Cons

  • You gonna have to go to hairstyler a lot more often.You have to do it for maintain haircut. But it worth it. You will need to go your hairstyler for trims and cut

Short Hairstyle Ideas

I talked pros and cons of short hairstyles above. Have you made your decision? Did you decide cutting your hair? If yes, you need some ideas for your new  hairstyle. Here are 20 gorgeous and very stylish short haircuts.

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